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For years I have been doing my best to use eco friendly practices in the course of my costume design duties. It hasn’t been easy or convenient but I do what I can. In the past I have been saddened to see how few costume shops in the area were doing the same. That is why I am so excited about the new Threadcycle Program. King County is teaming up with a network of organizations in the area to make the reuse and recycling of clothing, accessories, shoes, toys, and linens easier for everyone. We’re not just talking about those gently used items that can be resold. Remember those old shoes, that odd sock, and even those holey underwear you thought were best just to throw away. Well, as long as it is dry with no mildew and free of hazardous chemicals, a Threadcycle organization will take it and put it to good use. This is a huge step in the fight to reduce the amount of waste we put in landfills each year.

The county has created a very informative website. It lists what items can be donated, where to drop off your donation for recycling, and how your items are used after they are donated. Visit the Threadcycle website and learn what you can do the reduce landfill waste by clicking HERE.

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