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The Most Deserving

Last summer I did my first show with a theatre company named Theatre Schmeater. It was a park show geared for kids called Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. To my delight they invited me back to design another show. This time it is to be performed in their new theatre space located on 3rd Ave. in downtown Seattle. The Most Deserving by Catherine Trieschmann opens this Friday, March 20th.

Directed by John Longenbaugh, the play takes place in Kansas' Ellis County where an arts council has a $20,000 grant to dispense to a talented artist who shows financial need and, preferably, is a member of an under-represented class. As their tumultuous personal lives muddle the process, we watch the five council members try to decide who is the most deserving.

This project was a refreshing change of pace for me; I worked with a new director, in a new theatre, with a cast of fresh faces. As comfortable as it can be to work with familiar faces, I am working to forge new paths for myself.

Click here to learn more about The Most Deserving and/or buy tickets to see a performance.

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