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Geek Girl Con 2014!

In a somewhat last minute decision, my friend Sarah and I decided to go to Geek Girl Con 2014 . . . in full steampunk costume. There were a few late nights last week but we were happy with how things came out. A special thanks to my friend and fellow costume designer Natasha Gier for helping us finish things up. Even though it was a rushed and hectic project, we had a good time. After all I was spending time with good friends doing the thing I enjoy most.


Saturday morning Sarah and I set off to the con and had a marvelous time. For me the highlight was seeing a lot of familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while. I especially enjoyed catching up with Jaimie Cordero, CEO of Espionage Cosmetics and glitter jedi. Jaimie and I met on the set of Gamers: Hands of Fate. She hooked me up with some of EC’s nail wraps. Each one celebrates a different aspect of my geekdom.


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