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The Hours of Life

I could not be more excited to announce that my next project will be The Hours of Life with Theatre 22. There are so many reasons why I am this excited but, to keep this post a reasonable length, I’ll only share a few.

First of all, it’s about Edgar Allen Poe! He was a freakin’ rock star of his time. Sullen disposition, substance abuse, and a tragic death, he was like the Kurt Cobain of poetry.

Along with his bad-assery, I’m also a huge fan of his work. I have been since fifth grade when I first read The Tell Tale Heart and The Raven. In high school I even recited Annabel Lee for speech contest; yeah, I’m a literary nerd from way back.

The Hours of Life is a brand spanking new show. I think that all theatre professionals get a little excited about being the first person to interpret a role or develop a design. It’s a new frontier and we’ll be the first to boldly go.

Finally, The Hours of Life will be directed by Theatre 22 Artistic Director Corey McDaniel. I have worked with Corey a number of times before and loved each experience. Not only is he one of those people that is just fun to work with and be around but, as a director, he gives me a lovely balance of guidance and freedom that I feel produces some of my best work. I find that he respects artist’s knowledge of their chosen field and, whether he runs with or vetoes a suggestion, I always feel like he values the input. This is how he fosters an environment that is enjoyable in which to work and a product of which one can be proud.

CLICK HERE to go to Theatre 22's website where you can learn more about the company and buy tickets to upcoming shows.

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