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A New Webite, A New Adventure

In the past I have left all things computer up to others. Of course I know my way around Word, Excel, Facebook, and the like. However, when it came to any sort of programming, setting up networks and routers, or anything that required more that pressing key's and pointing a mouse, I deferred to those with more experience, usually my software development engineer of a husband. I want to make it clear that it was not because of a lack of ability but more as a division of labor. Why spend my time doing these things when others were better versed and I had so many other things to tend to?

As for this website, for several years I have owned my domain name but struggled to get a satisfactory working site published. This has been for many reasons. My husband, although a brilliant software engineer, lacked the aesthetic ability needed for web design. For the sake of marital bliss, we decided it would be best to hire some help. I did hire a friend who put together a nice site but it was difficult for me to maintain and by the time I got the hang of the program, it was outdated.

I recently decided to take matters into my own hands. An actor friend of mine, whose website is lovely, inspired me. I was asking around, trying to get a since of which programs are good to use for the type of sight I need, I learned that she had made her own site. It would seem that, since the “Intro to the Web” course that I took in college, which taught me the few programming skills I have, wonderful geniuses somewhere created easy-to-use interfaces that allow people to create their own website without learning ANY code. Silly me, in an age where there is an app for everything, I should have known. After all the laptop I had when I took the class was easily three times as thick as the one on which I am presently typing.

So, here it is: my first adventure into web-design. It is meant to be somewhat temporary. As I receive feedback, I’m hoping it will evolve into an enhanced, more permanent version of the current site. I believe that well presented constructive criticism is a great way to grow; if you have feedback on my site, please let me know. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done so far and thanks for ready.

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